Sunifiram Memory Enhancement Powder Buy Online

Product Name Sunifiram
CAS No. 314728-85-3
EINECS 219-034-4
Purity 99%
Molecular Formula C12H14N2O2
Molecular Weight 246.30
Appearance White crystal powder

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What is Sunifiram (DM-235)?

Sunifiram(DM-235) is a derived ampakine drug which acts as a positive allosteric modulator of AMPA receptors, and it has nootropic effects in animal studies with significantly higher potency than piracetam.


It is being researched as a memory enhancer,potentially treating Alzheimer’s patients.

It provides a wide variety of benefits including:increased attention span,improved focus and increased learning potential.It has become very popular because of it effective benefits and low side-effects.


1) Sunifiram activates AMPA-mediated neurotransmission.
2) Sunifiram aids in the release of acetylcholine in the cerebral cortex.
3) Sunifiram increases energy levels,allowing users to feel more motivated and eliminate.
4) Sunifiram increase Levels of concentration increase,and users feel less distracted by external stimuli.
5) Sunifiram also enhances long-term potentiation,which is the forming of new connections regarding memory storage.


Sunifiram is a highly potent substance,you should start with doses as small as 3 to 4 mg.The average user will take between 5 and 8 mg.If you take 10 mg or more,you will experience a stimulant effect closer to Adderall.

Supplementation of Oxiracetam tends to be in the dosage range of 1,200-2,400mg taken over the course of a day, either in two to three evenly spread dosing periods(such as three doses of 400mg or 800mg).

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