Oil-based Winstrol Injectable Liquid 50mg/ml

Oil based Winstrol

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Oil based Winstrol liquid


50mg/ml 500ml
Winstrol 25g=dissolved about 20ml
BA 3% 15ml
BB 20% 100ml
Guaiacol(CAS 90-05-1)25% 125ml
Ethyl Oleate:120ml
Grapeseed Oil:120ml


One of the most popular and widely recognized anabolic steroids,Winstrol enjoys a high popularity among steroid users.However,it may actually be one of the more over-used compounds as it’s abilities and effects will only be fully realized by a minority of users who are administering it for a specific purpose.


Male users will often find that doses in the range of 25-100mgs per day to be adequate for seeing results with this compound.It is often anecdotally reported that most first time users will usually administer 50mgs per day and are generally happy with the effects.

In the first time,the female users anecdotally report that doses ranging from 5-15mgs per day will result in quite dramatic gains.


You just need to filter the semi-finished liquid from us.Then it is ready to inject or sell.

If you want to make the liquid by yourself,we could provide the steroid raw powder,other needed product and recipe.We could teach you how to make the liquid and capsule.

If you are a reseller,then it is your time to think about opening your own brand.

P.S.:Different effect would be appeared on different person when using the same products.If you want to gain the best effect for bodybuilding,muscle growth or other things,please consult the doctor and make clear that whether the steroid is good to you,and find the most suitable and health dosage about it.

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